VIATEK group carries out activities in the field of production, supply and service of modern and innovational equipment for enterprises of the agricultural and industrial complex of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community. The partners of the company are only the best world producers of agricultural equipment (units and mechanisms), spare parts and consumables. We understand modern economic realities and quickly respond to any challenges of both national and global economies. The main pride of the VIATEK group of companies are our customers! We are trusted by the leaders of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. The uniqueness of the company lies in the high quality of the offered goods and services, thanks to which our customers solve the most complicated task of the modern day — reducing the cost of production! The complexity of our approach to the client is expressed in the development of technology, its technical implementation, service. The core of the company is our employees who have a specialized education and rich work experience. We are improving on a daily basis and strive to be a reliable supporter for our customers in their difficult business – milk production.

Why do farmers choose us?

Any farmers, in any country in the world, make daily decisions concerning the farm. They make a choice that is profitable for them and their business. Such a choice should not be made at your own risk. Each farmer can turn to consultants who will help him find the right solution and choose the right direction for his business.

Farmers increasingly choose our company as their long-term partner. The reason is that every day our products and services allow you to take another step towards the desired results. We are always nearby, and together with us are specialists who have received specialized training and possess all the necessary skills and knowledge.

Our partners are the best manufacturers of technological equipment in Western Europe, North and Central America. We do not just sell a unique product, with it we give you the most modern, proven worldwide, unique experience in dairy farming.

Among our partners are the world leading manufacturers of the high quality equipment, materials and consumables for dairy farming. They are as follows:

Lely (Netherlands) — robotic equipment for farming (milking, cooling, feeding, etc.)

Animat (Canada) — rubber covering for floors (mats, matrasses, etc.)

Ventec (Canada) — ventilation systems for farms (inflatable curtains, cycloned ventilators, etc.)

Ritchie (USA) — watering systems for cows

Jourdain (France) — stall equipment (feedwalls, freestalls, gates, etc.)

BeTeBe (Germany) — automatic manure cleaning scraper systems

LaBuvette (France) — watering systems for cows

Spinder (Netherlands) — stall equipment (feedwalls, freestalls, gates, divisions, etc.)

Galactea (France) – milk cooling equipment (milk cooling tanks, heat recuperators, etc.)

Eurosilos (Italy) – bunkers for storage and supply of concentrated feedstuff

Creating a concept, setting the right technology, an individual approach, solving technical problems in combination with the highest quality standards and around-the-clock service support are our main advantages.



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